Meetup Presentation

Fundamentals of Product Success® and Innovation

1-Day Workshop

This 1-day workshop with a maximum of 10 participants is an intense program designed for Product Managers/Product Owners, Product Leaders (GPM/Director/VP Product) and Startup Co-Founders of technology-driven product companies. Get inspired by our unique take on techniques from Product Discovery, Lean Startups, Design Thinking, Agile, and Customer Development.

Objective: Innovation Fundamentals

  • Understand the fundamentals of innovation and product success
  • Gain a fresh perspective from the customer’s point of view
  • Clarity on the potential roadmap to overcome problems
  • Feel confident in ability to find solutions to hard questions
  • Desire to learn more and dive deep to get concrete results


  • Understanding customers: The key to product success
    • What does it mean to “understand customers”?
    • The Product Success® Framework: 3 critical elements of success
    • Designing Success: innovation, product, and market strategy
  • The roadmap to radical innovation
    • Going from incremental innovation to disruption
    • How customer insights drive radical innovation
    • Changing the status quo: new mindset, new relationships, new processes
  • Building the right product
    • Why why people buy is more important than what they buy
    • Discovering and delivering the value proposition
    • How to prioritize and make difficult choices
  • Marketing strategy
    • How to acquire, retain customers and avoid zombie customers
    • Pricing products for profitability
    • Improve conversion by identifying with the customer situation

Roadmap for Product Success® and Innovation

3-Day Workshop

The 3-day workshop depends on the results of the 1-day Workshop, and the specific challenges facing the organization. The content is customized to desired outcomes, e.g. growth, innovation opportunities, product decisions, etc.

Objective: Concrete Results and Roadmap

  • Engage with customers to learn about their motivations, aspirations and struggles
  • Create the success roadmap depending on organization goals, e.g. which features to build, improve or kill, new product opportunities, business model variations, changes to marketing messaging (for website and other promotional materials) and sales conversations.
  • Definite actions and follow-up plan


Day 1: Discover

  • Understanding customers 101
  • Product Success® framework
  • Three customer interviews
  • Analysis and discussion

Day 2: Develop

  • Three customer interviews (led by organization team)
  • Formulate current objectives in terms of results from customer interviews
  • Analyze implications of discoveries on innovation and product strategy

Day 3: Distinguish

  • Three customer interviews
  • Create the Product Success® roadmap
  • Create specific actions and follow-up plan

Lift off to innovation, disruption, and profit!