Business Design Services

Innovation Audit

Objective: Clarify status quo

The innovation audit an ideal starting point for companies that are serious about innovation and transformation to build disruptive products and services. Beginning with one-on-one meetings with all stakeholders (including major partners, customers, and suppliers), and culminating in an all-hands mini-sprint, the innovation audit offers immediate and tremendous value to teams looking for answers.

Bringing in an objective 3rd-party to assess the current situation and give an unbiased evaluation is the best way to get consensus and generate momentum for innovation projects in an organization.


  • Evaluate current business model and value proposition
  • Make explicit organizational challenges
  • Create comprehensive map of innovation activities
  • Identify gaps and challenges for future
  • Get all stakeholders on the same page
  • Concrete action items and innovation roadmap

Customer research, innovation, product strategy

Objective: Answers To Burning Questions

The Dialogue Phase continues the trajectory the organization has embarked upon. Every aspect of business is examined and aligned with the strategic goals. Usually this involves 1:1 interaction with the CEO and senior management team, chiefly those responsible for product and innovation. The idea is to create a confident, knowledgeable team that is able to navigate the treacherous waters of disruption and become successful disruptors themselves.

Innovation Strategy: Leapfrog Competition

  • Our current products are nearing EOL. What should we build next?
  • What new market/innovation opportunities exist?
  • I’m not sure if I should enter this market (build this product/service)
  • What is the opportunity size and how much of it could we capture?
  • What is the smallest thing I should build to test this concept?
  • How can I test this concept while spending the least amount of money?
  • What features should I include?
  • Who is the target customer? Who is going to buy and why?
  • Who are the other stakeholders? What are their motivations?
  • Where can I find initial customers?

Product Strategy: Turbocharge Performance

  • I’m not satisfied with my current product performance (revenues, profit margins, growth, acquisition, retention, costs structure). What’s wrong? What needs to change?
  • How can I capture more profit share of existing products?
  • My team is not able to agree on what features to build, we have interminable discussions without getting anywhere. Which features will add most value?
  • How can I create unique experiences around my product/service so that users will keep coming back for more?
  • How can I create a compelling customer journey that helps people buy (reach a decision)?
  • How can I design a unique and profitable business model that minimizes adoption risk for potential customers?

Market Strategy: Multiply Profits

  • I’m not convinced that our pricing truly reflects the value of our product/service. We should be charging more. How can I charge more?
  • How can I increase revenues per customer? Is increasing the price the only alternative?
  • How can I improve online customer acquisition, conversion rate, retention rate?
  • How can I create marketing messages that truly resonate with the customer?
  • I’ve heard that content marketing is very important and effective. What sales and marketing collateral should I create?
  • Where else could I be selling? What is the ideal placement for my product?

Lift off to innovation, disruption, and profit!