Understand customers, build better products, grow profits

Customer JTBD Drives Strategy
Customer JTBD Drives Strategy

Our services are built around answering your burning questions.

Innovation Strategy: Understand Customers

  • Our current products are nearing EOL. What should we build next?
  • What new market/innovation opportunities exist? How can I capture more profit share?
  • I’m not sure if I should enter this market (build this product/service)
  • What is the opportunity size and how much of it could we capture?
  • What is the smallest thing I should build to test this concept?
  • How can I test this concept while spending the least amount of money?
  • What features should I include?
  • Who is the target customer? Who is going to buy and why?
  • Who are the other stakeholders? What are their motivations?
  • Where can I find initial customers?
  • Should I focus on user experience? How can I ensure a great user experience?

Product Strategy: Build Better Products

  • I’m not satisfied with my current product performance (revenues, profit margins, growth, acquisition, retention, costs structure). What’s wrong? What needs to change?
  • My team is not able to agree on what features to build, we have interminable discussions without getting anywhere. Which features will add most value?
  • How can I create unique experiences around my product/service so that users will keep coming back for more?
  • How can I create a compelling customer journey that helps people buy (reach a decision)?
  • How can I design a unique and profitable business model that minimizes adoption risk for potential customers?

Market Strategy: Grow Profitably

  • I’m not convinced that our pricing truly reflects the value of our product/service. We should be charging more. How can I charge more?
  • How can I increase revenues per customer? Is increasing the price the only alternative?
  • How can I improve online customer acquisition, conversion rate, retention rate?
  • How can I create marketing messages that truly resonate with the customer?
  • I’ve heard that content marketing is very important and effective. What sales and marketing collateral should I create?
  • Where else could I be selling? What is the ideal placement for my product?

Engagement Model

Engagements usually start with a 3 to 6 month commitment after an initial diagnostic and agreement on metrics. Real change and real results take time to implement. Most consulting engagements transform into long-term coaching or advisory positions.

We expect a commensurate level of time and moral commitment from clients that wish to truly transform and see radical results.


Our fees are a function of both the nature of your firm and our work together. The fees will primarily be driven by:

What are we trying to accomplish? How will our work together impact your firm’s success? Bigger objectives generally require larger investments.
How large and complex are your challenges.
What is the nature of the challenge? Do you need help with product features? User research? Messaging? Content marketing? Attracting clients online? The nature of the work drives the cost of investment.