Product-Market Fit Metrics

From: The Real Metrics of Product-Market Fit in B2B Startups

Throw away all the things that people say and look at what clients actually do. Who implemented your product? What are they using it for? What value are they getting out of it?

Validate the pilot or product metrics:

Time to activation
How long does it take for end-users to start using your solution?
Frequency of use
How often do they use the solution? Are there periods of higher activity?
Length of use
How much time do they spend using the solution? Are users logged in for the full day?
Task completion
Can the main tasks – the main reason for buying – be completed without effort? How easy is it to complete the secondary tasks?
How long does it take to complete the main tasks? How does it compare with the previous solution (if any)?
Do users enjoy using the solution? Is it the same for all groups of users e.g., managers and end-users?
Support requests
How many email requests or support phone calls are being generated? Does it vary by user groups?
Feature requests
How many features are being requested? Are there different needs by user groups?
Is the solution stable and available at all time?
Feature usage
Are there features that are not being used? Is the product being used in new / surprising ways?

With the information you collect during the solution interviews and the information on how your clients are using your product, you should be able to tell to what degree you have reached Product-Market fit.