Repository of Jobs-to-be-Done Examples

The Job-To-Be-Done

A “job” is the fundamental problem a customer needs to resolve in a given situation.

— Clayton Christensen
Product bought Function Actual objective (JTBD)
Milkshakes Drink Avoid boredom during drive, filling enough not feel hungry soon
Ikea furniture Furnishing Starter home, instant decoration, I need to furnish this place today
Weber grill Barbeque Make me a better host and entertainer, make me feel like a grilling hero
Gucci, Louis Vuitton Clothes Feel macho, pampered, prestigious
Metro newspaper News Pass commute productively
Starbucks Coffee Mobile office
Hospital beds Sleep/Rest/Recover Save nurses’ time, improve profitability
Boat rides Sightseeing Entertain out of town visitors
Short board games Entertainment Spend quality time with family
GM OnStar Connectivity I want to be sure that my family and I will be taken care of. Peace of mind in case of accident.
Swiffer Floor cleaner Dustpan not required, hassle-free cleaning
Scuba diving class Scuba diving Activity for honeymoon couples to do together
Kodak camera Take photos Share fun moments with family and friends
40% juice box Drink Reduce guilt about buying unhealthy snacks
Dining tables Place to eat Treasure trove of memories, hard to let go
Disney Theme Parks Entertainment I want a warm and loving escape with my family into a fantasy
SAS Institute Statistical software I need to make the right decision, and the safe decision
FedEx Courier I need to get this from here to there with perfect certainty as fast as possible
Hilti Hardware tools I need to finish this construction job on time and on budget
MS Office Word processing I need a persuasive document that clearly communicates and makes me look good
Mayo Clinic Diagnostics I need a precise diagnosis of & recommended therapy for my disease


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