Jobs-to-be-Done Cheatsheet

From 11 Ways to Think Different about Product Management Using Jobs-to-be-Done

  The Old Way The JTBD Way
1. Define your market Customers want a product
Your market is iPods
Customers want to get a job done
Your market is people who want to curate music
2. Research Show your product
What do you think of this MP3 player?
Analyze the job, identify unmet needs
What’s hard about finding music to fit your mood?
3. Segment your market Demographics
Females, 25-34, city dwellers
Job executors with unmet needs
Casual listeners who want a faster way to discover music to fit the mood
4. Identify competition Similar products
Zune and other MP3 players compete with the iPod
Products, services, processes that get the job done
Pandora also competes with the iPod
5. Analyze competition Feature to feature comparison
iPod has a dial UI, make a playlist, sort by song or artist
Analyze satisfaction of needs
how long does it take to discover music to fit the mood on an iPod?
6. Generate feature ideas Brainstorm
Wouldn’t it be cool if $\ldots$
Solve the unmet need
How can we make it faster to discover music to fit the mood?
7. Set a price Willingness to pay for the product
How much would you pay for this Zune? $100? $200?
Willingness to pay to get the job done
How much would you pay to instantly get any song, perfect for the mood?
8. Project revenue Estimate number of units sold
10% of iPod market (150 million iPods \(\times\) $150 per iPod)
Value added to get the job done
Price \(\times\) # of people unsatisfied by speed of finding songs to fit the mood
9. Prioritize roadmap By estimated impact on KPIs
This feature will have a level 5 impact on time spent in the app
By measurable impact on customer needs
Feature makes it 10x faster to find a song
10. Align team HIPPO rules
The CEO said the dial should turn like the iPod’s — “people love it”
Explicit criteria for getting the job done
The dial is a slow way to find a song for the mood
11. Scope MVP Is this good enough?
We use it, we like it, let’s ship it
Bar set by customer needs
It’s ready when it meets customer needs better than the competition