Clarifying Jobs-to-be-Done

A JTBD represents a situation where products are used for purposes beyond their purely functional aspects. True innovation can come from this realization. Do all products have jobs-to-be-done? Does improving function or process constitute innovation?

Value Proposition Canvas

JTBD involves understanding a user's situation, what she is attempting to get done, her pains, fears, and other emotional elements. The Value Proposition Canvas is a visual tool to represent much of the same. I would like to explore how the two could be used together.

JTBD Sales Interview

Asking the right questions is very important to discover customer needs and get insights into the job to be done.

Ten Types of Innovation

Innovation in an enterprise can take many forms. Product innovation is only one of the many possible ways in which enterprises can stay on top of their game.

Jobs-to-be-Done for B2B

How to use JTBD for B2B products. It is necessary to consider Jobs of all the different entities involved in the decision process and not just the functional user in this case.