Who in the ACES wants that?!

ACES is the new black in the automotive industry. It stands for Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared. It is the vision being laid down by car manufacturers everywhere. OEMs certainly seem intent on delivering the vision, but what do consumers want? Who's asking for ACES? What is driving the run towards this ACES future?

Why do Consumers Buy Smart Speakers?

Amazon Echo is apparently already in millions of homes. Other Smart Speaker makers are trying hard to catch up. Smart Speakers may be the next runaway success product category. But why are consumers buying these things? In other words, what is Job-to-be-Done of Smart Speaker Buyers?

Internet Search and the Difficulty of Being Found

Google and other search engines have revolutionized how we find information today. But there is still a long way to go towards getting truly relevant and meaningful results. Conversely, even with the latest SEO techniques and content marketing, it is still very hard for companies to be discovered. Search is ripe for disruption.

Repository of Jobs-to-be-Done Examples

A running list of jobs-to-be-done that are described in literature or that we encounter in our research and work. What I mean is products being used for purposes _beyond_ their purely functional aspects.

The Delusion of No Competition

There is no product that has no competition. Even a monopoly has competition. It just takes a different form. It is very important to understand all the ways in which your product competes for the user's wallet. Misunderstanding your competition carries grave risks. It can leave you blindsided and open to disruption.